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Log In Page

The Log In page is the first page of the Client Portal website. It allows you to log into the website, register to create a new account, recover your user name, and reset your password or check to see if you are eligible for WIC. In addition, it provides a help link for you to contact the WIC program via email.

Account Overview

WIC Family Members

Next Appointment
This displays the very next appointment that is scheduled for any of the family members. If you are signed up for automatic text reminders this is the appointment you will be reminded about. Contact your local clinic to sign up for automatic text reminders.

Appointment Reminder button
If you are signed up for automatic text reminders and you have an appointment scheduled the button will appear. Click on the button if you would like to receive and additional text reminder. This does not affect the automatic reminder.

Common Questions
When there are common questions they will be listed here; click on the question to see the answer. If there are more than 3 questions you will see a See More link; click on the link to go to the Common Questions page to see all available questions.


Currently Scheduled Appointments

Past Appointments

Appointment Reminder button

This button is displayed when you have an appointment scheduled and have selected to receive automatic appointment reminders. Contact your local clinic to update your information in order to receive automatic appointment reminders.

Click on the button to receive an additional reminder immediately; the reminder will be a text message sent to the cell phone number that is listed on your account.

Nutritional Goals

Current Nutritional Goals
The current nutritional goals page displays all the goals for the current certification period for all members of your family. For each member the following will be displayed:

Change Password

Account Information
In order to change your password you must first enter your current password and then a new password. Passwords are required to be 6 to 8 characters in length. The new password must have at least one number, capital letter, or punctuation mark.

Log Off

Clicking on the Log Off link terminates the user session and returns you to the Log In page.